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I recently had the distinct privledge of being invited to contribute two wave animations for use in a television special on the History Channel that aired nationally for the first time on Friday, November 25th. The program was one of a series of five programs done by Actuality Productions.

The production in which these animations were incorporated was titled:

"The Big Build - Lighthouse"

The animation sequences used are those contained in Gallery 9 and 12, which can be accessed via the links below:


Storms of November 13th

Gallery Selection Page- Gallery 15

Storms of November St Joe - 2 - Gallery 14

Storms of November St Joe - 1 - Gallery 13

South Haven, Early December Gale - Gallery 12

South Haven, Halloween Gale - Gallery 11

South Haven, Halloween Gale - Gallery 10

St Joseph, Storms of November '04 - Gallery 9

St Joseph, 4/4/'04 Storm - Gallery 8

South Haven Early December Gale - Gallery 7

St. Joe - November Gales - Gallery 6

St. Joe - Memorial Day Gale - Gallery 5

South Haven - Mother's Day Gale Animation - Gallery 4

February 2003 Lighthouse Digest Cover Image

and Animation - Gallery 3

Storm Animation Gallery 2

Storm Animation Gallery 1





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